• E9-t
    1. Продукты Домой

    Cart-version treatment unit

    75-90cm range of height

    7-inch touch panelPersonalized UI system, new interactive experience

    1. Control Panel
    2. Chair position
    3. Tubing disinfection
    4. Disinfection history
    5. More configurations
    • Integrated layout design

      By inheriting the interface layout of traditional dental units and combining it with clinical operating habits, the control panel integrates all commonly used functions, which allows the doctor to perform all basic operations on one single page.

    • 15 memorized chair positions

      Up to 3 doctors on 1 unit, 15 memorized chair positions and personalized settings.Find your customized dental assistant in every operation / Easily find your comfort personal settings in every operation.

    • Built-in multi-functional tubing disinfection program

      Built-in multi-functional tubing disinfection program. Certified tubing flushing and disinfection system, with clear view of on-going progress.

    • 300 rewritable tubing disinfection records

      Maximum of 300 rewritable tubing disinfection records. One step forward in clinic hygienity management.

    • More personalized configurations available

      Cup water/Spittoon setting & more personalized configurations available . Build up your own professional dental unit.

    Comfort in every detail
    Press-type dual-jointed headrest design can meet the needs of different patients.
    Aluminum casting backrest,reliable and stable.
    Angle sensor technology ensures accurate chair position memories, no cumulative error and low failure rate.
    Inner-track and synchronized design which guarantees excellent movement compensation and perfect comfort.
    Dual-structure seat, clip-on fixation for upholstery which is easy for assemble, cleaning and maintenance.
    V5 LED

    A perfect light for a perfect surgery. Put your practice in the best light.

    Dual light sources bring the ultimate shadowless experience.
    Three levels of color temperature and five levels of light intensity can be adjusted to bring doctors the best shadowless and color rendering effect in three-joint Three joint rotary design, detachable dental light handle for cleaning and sterilization.


    Assistant instrument table is equipped a 28*18cm stainless steel tray, Aluminum HV suction/saliva handle.


    Removeable PVC pad of instrument table for cleaning and seterlization


    Scientific headrest design can meet the needs of different patients.


    Detachable ceramic spittoon, cup filler & suction system, easy for cleaning and washingThe cup-filling sensor is upgradeable.

    Assistant stool(optional)

    Doctor stool