• Le Ray G
    1. Продукты Домой

    3.5 inch full-color touch screenPersonalized UI system, new interactive experience

    1. Control Panel
    2. Editable exposure values
    3. 3 different exposure modes
    4. Customized user interface
    • Quick setting with only a few taps.

      With the unique interface design, the operator can quickly learn how to use Le Ray X-ray machine. Also, when facing different tooth positions and patient sizes, the operator can easily configure the exposure parameter on the same page, and fine-tune the final calculated exposure time.

    • Editable exposure values for every tooth position

      Perfect X-ray imaging, crafted by details

    • 3 different exposure modes

      A good match for all kinds of X-ray receivers

    • Customized user interface

      Highly personalized, extra user-friendly

    The Le Ray security monitoring technology
    ensure safe expsure and repetable
    imagine quality at all time.

    High frequency DC constant voltage control technology

    Stable X-ray output provides excellent imaging quality.

    0.4mm focal spot

    2mA tube current and 70kV tube voltage,provide high-quality images for diagnosis.DC X-ray tube.

    The exposure time can be adjusted between 0.02 ~ 2.00S

    The DC generator keeps the patient dose to the minimum.

    The ergonomic design

    shares the holding load, making the operation more convenient.

    Real image
    It is clear at a glance and improves work efficiency.

      Stable and reliable technology

      1. Automatic detection and correction for mains voltage fluctuations. X-ray output is not affected by voltage fluctuation.

      2. High-strength alloy and lead coated tube head minimize X-ray leakage.

      3. The accurate tube head overheating protection program will start when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees.

      4. Back-up timer will make SIRAY and SIRAY PLUS much safer during operation.

      5. In case of emergency during exposure

      6. release the exposure button to terminate exposure.


      1. Supply voltage

      2. Power frequency

      3. Input power

      4. Weight

      1. 220V

      2. 50Hz

      3. 200VA

      4. Le Ray G:2.1kg

      1. Time of exposure

      2. Ray focus

      3. High frequency generator

      4. Weight

      1. 0.02-2s

      2. 0.4mm

      3. 60KHZ-100KZ

      4. Le Ray P:1.8kg