• Apollo 29
    1. Продукты Домой

    The design of simplicity

    A "nine-in-one" premium package

    4.3 inch full-color touch screenPersonalized UI system, new interactive experience

    1. Cycle selection
    2. Autocycle function
    3. Real-time running data
    4. Cycle history
    5. Personalized settings
    • 7 built-in sterilization/testing programs

      7 built-in sterilization/testing cycles, each serves a different purpose of usage and perfectly suits different user scenarios.

    • Your smart sterilization helper

      Apollo steam sterilizer provides users with its unique cycle appointment function, as known as Lifedent Autocycle function. When the clinic is busy, users could simply use Autocycle function to book an appointment that specifies the running date & time with the sterilizer, and put the package into the chamber before the arranged time. After that, the sterilizer will start the cycle automatically when the time comes.

    • Real-time data of sterilization process

      Present every single data that matters.

    • Sterilization cycle history

      A safe, reliable and convenient way of keeping sterilization records.

    • Allows 4 operators on 1 machine

      Each enjoys a personalized setting, including unique tracing ID in cycle history.


    German vacuum pump

    Safe,reliable and quickly enters the sterilization state.


    large area cooling membrane and double fans, makes cooling faster.


    Two maximum size implant surgical instrument kits can be easily loaded simultaneously.

    Built-in water tank

    Built-in water tank,with an automatic prompt for water shortage and automatic alarm for abnormal water quality.


  • Electric door

    Standard electric door model and double door lock safety protection, ensure sterilization in a safe environment.

  • USB

    Large capacity USB disk can store 1 million sterilization records.

  • Printer

    With Thermal printer as standard configuration,recording every important data.

  • RS-232 serial port

    Universal RS-232 serial port allows the user either to connect to label printer , or to a PC to monitor and test the validation of the sterilization cycles.

  • Double drainage joint design

    Double drainage joint design, easy to use.

    1. Parameters

      1. Model
      2. Voltage
      3. Power
      4. Frequency
      5. Chamber size
      6. External dimension
      1. Apollo 23
      2. 2300W
      3. 220V-230V
      4. 50/60Hz
      5. 23L
      6. 692×451×455mm
      1. Apollo 29
      2. 3300W
      3. 220V-230V
      4. 50/60Hz
      5. 29L
      6. 692×604×567mm